BAC-L21 Test Point FRP Bypass Remove by EDL Mode

BAC-L21 Test Point FRP Bypass Remove by EDL Mode Sigma Key


BAC-L21 Test Point FRP Bypass Remove by EDL Mode

What is EDL Mode:

EDL mode is a low-level mode of operation in Qualcomm-based devices that provides a means of unbricking the device or installing a new firmware. It is typically used by developers and service centers when a device is unresponsive and cannot be recovered through normal means.

Entering EDL mode requires shorting the test point on the device’s motherboard, which is a small metal pad that is not accessible without disassembling the device. This test point is not present on all Qualcomm-based devices, and its location and accessibility can vary from device to device.

Once in EDL mode, the device can be connected to a PC via a USB cable and reflashed using specialized software such as Qualcomm Flash Tool or QPST. This allows for recovery of the device or installation of new firmware in cases where the device is bricked or has other firmware-related issues.

It is important to note that entering EDL mode and re-flashing the firmware can be a complex process and can result in permanent damage to the device if not done correctly. It is recommended to seek professional assistance when attempting to enter EDL mode or perform firmware updates.

Qualcomm devises Boot in  EDL Mode:

  • To Enter EDL Mode most devices need to Press and hold Volume Up and Volume Down Keys while Inserting the USB Cable into The Device
  • Some other Devices like Huawei Xiaomi devices Needs to disassemble the device and make some Test Point while inserting USB Cable
  • If your device is in Working Condition than you can do it by Enabling USB Debugging mode with Computer the command is below, ADB reboot bootloader

Once your device is connected in EDL mode your Computer Device  Manager will recognise it as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008.

BAC-L21 Test Point FRP Bypass Remove by EDL Mode

FRP Bypass is a method used to bypass the Google Account Verification process on Android devices. The EDL (Emergency Download) mode is a special mode on Qualcomm based devices that allows unbricking and flashing of the device.

To remove FRP via EDL mode, you need to have the device in EDL mode and then use Sigma-key Tool  to Bypass FRP. This process is complex and requires technical expertise, so it is recommended to seek help from a professional if you are not familiar with these procedures.

It’s important to note that bypassing the FRP lock may have potential security implications, as the device may become vulnerable to unauthorised access.

sigma key BAC-L21 Test Point FRP Bypass Remove by EDL Mode