Meta Smartwatch: Next Big Thing in the Metaverse 2023?


Meta, the virtual reality technology company, rumored to be back in the game of creating a smartwatch. Recently leaked images shared by Kuba Wojciechowski suggest that Meta is once again developing a smartwatch to enhance its metaverse hardware offerings. This time, the watch will run on Android only and not Wear OS.

Design and Features

The latest Meta smartwatch boasts a unique detachable frame design, which allows users to remove the watch from the wrist while still retaining the band. This innovative feature makes it possible to integrate two cameras into the device, a low-resolution front camera and a high-resolution bottom camera.

In comparison to the previous iteration, known as “V1,” the new design addresses the problematic placement of the second camera, which interfered with nerve signals used for gestures. The improved placement of the cameras and gestures will lead to better integration of both.

Despite the additions of the cameras and modifications to the sensors, the form factor of the Meta smartwatch has remained largely unchanged. The watch still features a similar design, with the only noticeable cosmetic change being the new watch face, which has a blue design and a red second hand. This new design offers a fresh and updated look while still retaining the recognizable form factor that the Meta brand is known for.

Connectivity and Integration

Connectivity and Integration are two important aspects of the new Meta smartwatch that were part of the original plans.

LTE Connectivity: The smartwatch planned to have LTE connectivity, which refers to its ability to connect to the internet using a cellular network. This means that the smartwatch would not be dependent on a nearby smartphone or Wi-Fi network and would have the capability to make calls, send messages, and access the internet independently.

This feature would allow users to stay connected even when they are on the go, without having to carry their phones all the time.

Integration with Meta’s Messaging Apps: The smartwatch also intended to integrate with Meta’s messaging apps, making it a seamless experience for the user. This integration would allow users to receive and send messages from the smartwatch itself, without having to switch to their phone.

The convenience of being able to communicate from the wrist is a key aspect of a smartwatch and the integration with Meta’s messaging apps would enhance this experience.

Health-focused Features: In addition to LTE connectivity and messaging apps integration, the smartwatch also planned to have health-focused features. This refers to features that help users track their fitness, monitor their health, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Meta Smartwatch may have features such as a heart rate monitor, step tracker, and calorie tracker, among others. These features would provide users with real-time information on their physical activity and help them track their progress toward their fitness goals.

Launch Timeline

The launch timeline for the upcoming Meta smartwatch has not been officially disclosed by the company. However, it believed that the smartwatch will make available to the public before it integrated with Metaverse-related devices. The idea behind this is to allow users to get accustomed to the form factor of the device before it becomes an integral part of the Metaverse ecosystem.

The purpose of releasing the smartwatch prior to its integration with Metaverse-related devices is to give users a chance to understand the device and how it works. This would make it easier for users to seamlessly integrate the smartwatch into their lives once it becomes an integral part of the Metaverse ecosystem.

Additionally, releasing the smartwatch ahead of time would also give Meta the opportunity to gather feedback from users and make any necessary improvements or changes to the device. This would ensure that the final version of the smartwatch that integrated with Metaverse-related devices well received by users and meets their expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the operating system for the new Meta smartwatch?

The new Meta smartwatch will run on Android and not Wear on OS.

What is the design of the new Meta smartwatch like?

The new Meta smartwatch has a detachable frame design, which allows for two cameras on the device, a low-resolution front camera and a high-resolution bottom camera. The placement of the second camera has addressed in this design to better integrate both cameras and gestures.

What features can be expected from the new Meta smartwatch?

The new Meta smartwatch expected to offer LTE connectivity, integration with Meta’s messaging apps, and health-focused features.

Facts about the New Meta Smartwatch

  1. New Meta smartwatch offers a number of features and functions designed to make it the go-to smartwatch for Android users.
  2. It has a detachable frame design, allowing for two cameras on the device.
  3. This configuration allows for greater control and responsiveness of the system, making it easier to utilize the cameras and gestures.
  4. Furthermore, it promises to provide users with a smoother, more responsive user experience.


The rumors of Meta’s plans to develop a smartwatch may not be entirely false. The leaked images suggest that the company is indeed developing a new iteration of the smartwatch, which expected to offer LTE connectivity, integration with Meta’s messaging apps, and health-focused features.

The launch timeline has not shared yet, but it expected to release for users to familiarize themselves with the form factor before it used with Metaverse-related devices.